The bike you have been waiting for comes from the factory in a 90 x 52 x 48 cardboard crate. This is the new crating system that started in 2013 and is proving to be a more efficient and cost-effective system. We at Crawford Sales thought it was important for you to see the process dealers follow in getting your bike assembled and ready for the road. The following pictures show the uncrating and preparation process.

After the uncrating the bike is completely assembled to a set up checklist and test-driven. The dealer must inspect the bike and sign off on the checklist one final time, at the time of delivery.

The pictures below show assembly of bikes prior to and including 2013.  Bikes 2014 and later may vary due to disk brakes on all three wheels.


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Here is your new bike. The critical setup that is required for the best performance of a sidecar rig is done. It is time to go for a ride. If you feel that your sidecar rig is not performing correctly, see your selling dealer or contact Irbit Motorworks of America.