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IMZ Logo Clock
Exclusively from Crawford Sales
Custom molded using 3D printer technology
Price: TBD
Metal Badges

IMZ Tank Badge
Red Cross – fits First Aid Box, has threaded studs
Red Star – for Baraholka boxes, but has same bolt pattern as Red Cross

Price:  Badge: $26.80

Red Cross:  $13.86

Red Star:  $14.18

Small Red Star: $11.67

Key Fob

Real leather key fob with the IMZ logo.
Hand made right here in the USA.

Available exclusively from Crawford Sales.

Price: $7.95

IMZ Piston Key Ring

Old-style key ring embossed with IMZ logo that has not been available for over 10 years. Limited stock available.

Price: $20.00

Pen/Pencil Holder

“Exclusively from Crawford Sales.”  Hand crafted from a chrome shock cover for a Ural motorcycle.  Very attractive for your desk or shop.  Limited quantities.  It has a rubber insert in the bottom. Sent with decals but not installed.

Price: $11.00

IMZ Logo Pins

1 inch in diameter, available in black or red. Standard military-style pinback.

Price: $7.97