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In addition, we have other hard to find but useful items.
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HIFLO Oil Filter
Includes a good quality filter seal
Price – $7.00 each.
Package of 5 – $28.00
Ural Dealer prices available.
HIFLO Spin On Oil Filter – 2014 to Current

The HIFLO Oil Filter for the newer bikes is now available. This filter has been manufactured to the Ural factory specifications.
Price – $7.99 each.
Package of 4 – $28.00

Oil Change Kit
Includes: HIFLO Oil filter
Oil filter seal
Oil filter plug o-ring
Comes with a zipper case that is big enough for spark plugs, fuses etc.
Price: $11.00
EBC Brake Pads

Good quality replacement for disk brakes. Same price for all pads
Price – $38.50

We also stock the newer style bonded brake shoes for drum brakes.

Ural Tool Kit

This new Italian-made tool kit is the standard kit that is supplied with the new bikes. Very complete and good quality tools.

Complete kit: $129.95 In Stock

Clutch Disk Alignment & Crank Tool

This tool also works extremely well for cranking over the engine while assembling pistons, cylinders,  heads, timing gears, and other procedures when assembling a new engine on the bench. The entire tool is harden and ground.

Price: $64.95


Spacer can be used to mount a brake drum wheel on the front of your bike. Kit includes one rubber to separate brake pads. One spacer required. For emergency use only.

Price – $9.45

Ural 750 Service and Repair Manual

This is a detailed service manual that breaks every assembly down for repair. Also includes technical sizes of parts with tolerances.

Price: $31.95

Ural Basic Service CD

A two-CD set that will give you a good visual reference on the maintenance of your Ural motorcycle.

Price: $27.64

Ural 650 Service and Repair Manual

The complete 2000 Service Manual. Over 200 pages.

Price: $39.95

Spark Plugs and Fuel Filters

Spark plugs for bikes up to 2013 and 2014. Pre-gapped and ready to install.Price: $4.00 each

Fuel filters for 2013 bikes
Price: $4.00
Low pressure fuel line
Price: $1.50
EFI fuel line
Price: $ Call for price
Clamps are available

Air Mixture Screw Caps

A cap that fits tight and can save you a lot of money on carburetor repairs.
Remember to order a pair the next time you place an order.

Price: A set of two for $2.00.

Carburetor Jets

We stock OEM brand jets used in the Ural Keihin carb.Idle Jets – 38, 40, 42, 45, and 48
Main Jets – 118, 122, 125, 130, and 135Price: $6.00 each for any size jet.

We also have stainless steel screws for the float bowl and diaphragm covers.

Price: for enough screws for two carbs $13.95.

Stainless Steel Screws for Keihin carbs

Top and bottom screws for Keihin carbs


Carburetors and Carb Parts

Rebuilt used carbs set up to your spec.Price: Call for price

Hard-to-find Keihin carb parts

Price: Call for prices

Carburetor Flange Kit

Better quality Mikuni carb flange kit to fit Keihin carburetor.

Price as shown: $68.95
Carb flange only with clamp: $29.95
Gasket: $2.49 each
Carb flange screws (set of 4): $5.95

Spares Kit

We have put a kit together to carry in your trunk. It includes a number of small parts that you might not have on hand and other things that might keep you and your friends out of trouble while on the road. This is an up-to-date kit that includes the following: Some items do change depending on the year of the bike.
Oil filter
Oil filter seal
Oil filter plug o-ring
3 ft. of fuel line with 2 clamps
2 fuel filters
2 spark plugs
4 fuses
1 Russian carb flanges
Assorted 6, 8, and 10mm hardware
Cotter pins
Hose clamps, small and large
Ratchet ties
Work gloves
Carrying case

Price: $84.95 for everything.

Please specify the model and year of your Ural when ordering.

Picture as shown is incomplete.

2014 and Later Filters and Spares
In stock
Picture shows oil filter, air filter, fuel filter and resistor spark plugs
Magnetic Drain Plugs

These plugs have a much stronger magnet and more threads than the stock drain plugs. We can supply different sealing washers if you have a preference. Long plug for engine
Price: $11.49


Gage Pin Set

Clean your carburetors like new. Set of gage pins from .011 dia. to .060 dia., including every .001 in between. They are 2.0 in. long, hardened, ground and lapped.These pins are extremely useful in cleaning the small holes in the jets and the body of carburetors. They will not affect the size or the surface finish of the holes if used correctly. With this set of pins and your favorite carb cleaner, you can bring any carburetor back to life.

Complete set in plastic box: $32.95