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New Parts Inventory from TriQuest Motorcycles and Sidecars

Our New Work Truck

Loaded with two engines for its first road trip.


This bike was built from left over parts by Herb from NY.

2005 Desert Camo

Wolf with Sidecar Completed

Cleaning Carburetors

Terry’s New Truck

Engine Test Stand – Testing Engines before shipment

100 mph Ural Retires!

Miles and Shelley Holden with George Barber

Miles Holden’s racing Ural won the Barber Vintage festival Vintage Races and has now donated the championship winning Racing sidecar to the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum ( Miles and Shelley were also awarded the following titles by the Vintage Road Racing Association:
Rookie of the Year 2014
Shelley Holden
P1 Sidecar Passenger
1st Place 2014
Shelley Holden
P1 Sidecar Driver
1st Place 2014
Miles Holden

Miles Holden and Shelley in Action

The Siberian Speed Team and the World’s Fastest Ural (Bonneville, UT 2001)

100 MPH Ural!

Miles Holden’s Ural race bike 2014

Water-cooled 650 Engine