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C5 Ignition Kit
Complete as shown. Also includes written instructions for easier installation.  Click here for a complete instructional video,Price: $379.00
Universal coil mount: $12.00

This picture shows the newest components included in the C5 Ignition Kit below.
One Piece Air Box Hoses
Much easier to install than the older style. Soft rubber-plastic material makes it easy. Set includes left and right hose.
Price: $65.95 per pair.
This shows how the hoses will look installed on your bike.
New Starter for 2016

New starter available for all models.

Price – $217.99

2013 Clutch Plate

New and improved clutch plate, introduced in 2013. Can be used in all 650 and 750 Urals.

Price – $50.08 each

Reverse Shift Pedal

New and improved reverse shift pedal.  Please specify the year of your bike.Price:$54.99
Petcock Assembly

We now have the petcock assembly back in stock that is a direct replacement for the KP-33 Russian Petcock. It will fit any Ural fuel tank with the external metric threads. The internal stand pipe also gives you the correct amount of fuel for reserve. It is also sold separately for the flush mount tanks used on the newer bikes.

Complete unit ready to mount with Plastic Tee and hardware – $105.95
Petcock only – $54.95

Fuel Tank Rear Mount
We now have the rear weld-on mount that can be used to install the newer tanks on older bikes.Price – $22.95
Type 3 Ignition

Kit with ignition and coil – $187.11:  We have it in stock.

Plug wires – $22.00

Sealed Wheel Bearing Kits

The kit contains the parts necessary to convert any Ural wheel to the new sealed bearings. The 3 parts in the picture of the axle are not included in the kit but can be used from the original system after inspection and found to be in good condition.

Kit as shown: $58.95

Upgraded Standard Push Rods

Newer style push rods. The end cap has a more accurate radius and is hardened.

Price – $16.99 each

Deep Sump Oil Pan

An excellent quality casting, fins to promote cooling and one quart larger capacity than the standard oil pan.

Price: $78.00.

Complete sump kit with deep sump, cork gasket, mag drain plug, pump extension, and hardware – $110.95

Oil Sump Skid Plate

Protects the oil sump on those off-road excursions. To be used with standard depth sump only.

Price: $135.35.

Head Set Bearings

Tapered rolling bearings increase the handling performance especially on the Ural solo.

Price: $53.00 per pair.

  This shows how the bearings will look installed on your steering head.
650 Air Box Hose

This hose takes the stress off the carb flange and will support the carb from vibration. The hose is left long so you can cut it to fit. Supplied with 4 clamps. For 650 engine with chrome air box and Keihin carbs.

Price: $53.00 per pair