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We stock all standard accessories offered by Irbit Motor Works of America.
In addition, we have other hard to find but useful items.Also, please check the Ural Parts Book for a complete list of all parts available.We ship daily for fast delivery.

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Handlebar Watch/Clock

The Timex watch has all of the standard features plus an Indiglo (TM) light for night riding. No more digging for your cell phone or wrist watch under your gear. Easy to mount and remove if needed. Very functional and it looks cool.

Price: $42.95

Turn Signal Bolt with Lockwasher


Eliminates stem in the turn signal bracket. Provides better protection for the turn signal.

Price: $3.28 each

Dual Driving Light Set

New custom lights with brackets and wiring to be mounted on the front sidecar bumper. Black powder coat. Also available as fog lights on the L. E. Yamal.

Price: $229.99

Alternative Dual Driving Lights and Bracket Set

This alternative driving light kit includes hardware.

Price: $132.95

Dual light mounting bracket with U bolts

Price: $69.95


Bike and Sidecar Covers

Covers are designed and made by a Ural owner whose business is making custom boat covers. Covers for bike and sidecar are separate, made of acrylic coated polyester. This is an all-weather, breathable material, made for use on boats.

Price: $249.95

Sold as set only

Sidecar Power Outlet

Includes one waterproof toggle switch and 3 other 15-amp circuits.

Price: $135.95

Ural Decals and Patches

Ural tank and sidecar badges. Or you can stick them on anything you want. Available in black, gold, or silver, or white for Retro.

Price: $4.95 each

750 Valve Covers

Stock valve cover

Price $73.95 Set

Matte black valve covers

Price $74.95 Set

All Retro valve covers

Price $79.95 Set

650 valve covers (not shown) – $15.95 each


Gas Cap

Non-locking vented cap that ratchets like the stock cap but turns harder to make sure the cap seals. No chrome for the ones that like the look. Fits all later models. Made in the USA.

Price: $15.95

Old-style Fluid Can

Old style fuel canister assembly. Screw cap. Available in black and green.

Price: $145.95


New-style Fluid Can

New style canister assembly. Available in black and green.

Price: $155.95

Includes mounting hardware.

Removable spout:

Price: $24.95

Luggage Rack

Luggage rack can be used on rear fender or on the sidecar fender.  Can be useful for helping the sidecar passenger enter or exit. We stock  matte black which goes with everything.

Price – $99.95

Stainless steel mounting hardware also includes Nylock nuts and thick rubber washers.

Price – $14.95

Sidecar Front Bumper

Formerly called Canadian Front Bumper. Available in matte black and stainless steel.

Price: $208.68 for matte black

$367.38 for stainless steel

First Aid Kit Boxes

Offered in green and black. Mounts to rear of bike without drilling any holes. First aid supplies not included.

Price – $115.95

First Aid Cross – $13.36

Sidecar Windshield

Available in matte black with Cordura apron.

Both styles of grommets are currently available.

Price: $349.95


Sidecar Wheel Hubcap

Available in black plastic, or black or stainless steel.

Price for black plastic: $8.00

Price for black or stainless steel metal:

Price $52.95


Spare Tire Retainer Nut

Available in black or polished aluminum.

Price: 14.95


The Ural fairing comes in all of the standard colors for the bikes. Some of them are pictured here. Comes complete with matte black and bright mounting hardware. Fairing glass (plastic) is now DOT approved.

Price: $379.95

Pro Grips

Good replacement grips for the GearUp and T models. Made in Italy.

Price: $17.95 per pair.

Foam Touring Grips

Very soft “closed cell” foam sleeve absorbs vibration to prevent hand fatigue. Chrome ends. Ozone and UV resistant. They look good and feel good.

Price: $26.95


These are the new style mirrors that are available on newer Urals. They will fit older models back to the year 2002

Price: $24.95 each

Mirror Adapters

These adapters enable Ural owners to use most any aftermarket mirror with a 10.0 mm – 1.25 right hand thread. Adaptors are not necessary for 2002 bikes and newer with new controls.

Price: $15.95 a pair.

Folding Shovel

The shovel measures 7 X 10 folded up. When folded, it takes up very little space anywhere in the sidecar. This is a real tool. Heavy duty, all steel construction as shown. Made to work and abuse.

Price: $21.95

Utility Rubber Clamp Set

These are now used on all new bikes to hold the shovel, tire pump, or anything else you want to mount in the trunk or on the outside of the tub.

Price: Call for price

Tractor Seat Assemblies

Front seat ass’y

Price $125.95

Rear Seat ass’y

Price $169.95

Cordura Stitched Accessories

Available in Black and Camo

Seat cover $79.95

Camo $83.95

Tonneau cover:

2013 tonneau cover available – Sidecar windshield apron:  $32.99

Vinyl tonneau covers still available.

New Style Flat Top Bench Seat

If you require more movement or have long legs, this seat is for you! New plastic seat pan is extremely strong and rust free. We include the required installation kit in our price.

Price: $335.95

Stepped Bench Seat

Standard seat on 2008 and newer bikes. Provides lower back support. Excellent quality compared to earlier seats.

Price: $334.95

Price includes mounting kit or seat brackets.