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Seat Belts

DOT approved seat belt, black. 60 inch lap belt is long enough for any child or most adults if needed for a safe ride. This safety belt is Federal Safety Approved.

Price: $25.95

Utility Blanket

A double-sewn blanket to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. Use it for anything you might need on the road away from home. Good for picnics, wrapping cargo on the luggage rack, or for keeping a passenger warm. It is 40″ X 72″, big enough to use for most anything but small enough to use in the sidecar and store in your trunk.

Price: $9.98

Lower Leg Shields

Great for winter use, and they look cool. Includes mounting hardware.

Price: $45.99

Cup Holder

Can be folded up when not in use. Mount it out of the way. Will accept almost any size container. Comes complete with mounting hardware.

Price: $7.95